The Clinics

The Clinics Answer The Five Questions

Read and compare clinics’ philosophies through these five questions on philosophy, diagnosis, solutions, support, and the future. As you read their answers, scan their images, investigate their links, and watch their videos, ask yourself:

  • Does their stated philosophy weave itself through their diagnostic and treatment methods
  • Do their diagnostic methods depend on human observation and symptom lists? Or does it avail itself of computerized testing, computer-interpreted scans, timed cognitive tests, and comprehensive history taking, as the primary method?
  • Does their approach reflect the importance of individualized treatment based on objective tests?
  • Do they rest on a foundation of collaboration? Or is collaboration built on traditional health care silos?
  • Do they encourage social support through specific actions? And/or take its lack into account?
  • Do their future plans reflect an innovative mindset and understanding that neurostimulation is our current best method to heal injured brains?
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